Credit without job loss insurance

Find out how to get loan insurance without the job loss guarantee, unemployment insurance that can sometimes be expensive. Get insurance without unemployment insurance.

Credit insurance is not an obligation, it is optional cover under French law, but banks systematically require that the borrower be covered by insurance, by subscribing to the bank’s offer or by having use an insurance broker. Borrower insurance is in fact a guarantee covering the reimbursement of monthly payments in the event of temporary or permanent incapacity, or even death.


Obtain insurance offers with additional guarantees

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The job loss guarantee makes it possible to cover the reimbursement of monthly payments if the borrower becomes unemployed. It is an uncomfortable situation to find yourself unemployed and this guarantee allows you to focus on finding a new job and optimizing the management of your resources, in particular the compensation. Simply put, some borrowers are not necessarily receptive to this guarantee and others have occupations in which it is easy to find a job, which does not necessarily justify this guarantee.


How to get insurance without job loss?

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The job loss guarantee is not an obligation, it is an additional guarantee which is added to the three basic guarantees, namely temporary incapacity, permanent incapacity and death. It is therefore possible to obtain your mortgage without having to take out this unemployment guarantee. You just have to use what is called insurance delegation. You should know that borrowers have the possibility to take out insurance elsewhere than with the bank, they are therefore free when obtaining the mortgage offer to go to an insurance broker or insurer directly to obtain a borrower coverage proposal.

Thus, the insurer will be able to make a proposal for borrower insurance taking into account the needs of the applicant, namely to ensure his loan without adding the unemployment guarantee. The advantage of going through an insurer is also to negotiate better pricing, that is to say a lower insurance rate and therefore savings. The best solution at this level is to go through a loan insurance comparator, it is simply a simulator which allows you to file a request for cover specifying the type of loan concerned and its financial situation. This simulator will be able to probe organizations that can respond favorably to demand, so several proposals will be sent to the borrower, allowing him to make his choice and insure his loan without the job loss guarantee.

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